Today, Chef Jenn’s grocery line includes spreads, dips, and sauces found in supermarkets across the United States. Now available: check out the new line of delicious Seafood Cakes –  ‘A Mardi Gras in Your Mouth’.

Chef Jenn Featured in Faces of Memphis

Every year, StyleBluePrint seeks out the stories of dozens of hard-working, successful, brilliant and fascinating women in order to share their priceless words of wisdom. Read the full story on Chef Jenn here.

Chef Jenn […]

Chef Jenn On Local Memphis Live

Chef Jenn’s most recent appearance on Local Memphis Live came just before this past Thanksgiving. She opened with her fantastic shrimp and grits meal, then segued into regular news on a dance segment, Black Friday Violence, and […]

Looking Back: Spotlighting Chef Jenn’s start

A couple years ago, The Daily News ran a short bio of Chef Jenn, highlighting her success in the business world despite learning on her feet, plus her upbringing around people who know what they’re doing in […]

Chef Jenn and Small Business: A recipe for success

Memphis just eats us up.

Chef Jenn headlined a talk at the Memphis Small Business Seminar last Thursday, and addressed the business side of her, well, business—there’s a lot more to starting a successful food operation […]

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    Chef Jenn Among “Super Women in Business” In Memphis Business Journal

Chef Jenn Among “Super Women in Business” In Memphis Business Journal

In preparation for Memphis Business Journal’s third enshrinement of 25 notable Memphis businesswomen, Chef Jenn took a few moments to answer some questions about her mentors, motivations, and memories. As noted, Jenn was one of the 25 […]

Food For Thought: Chef Jenn

‘Chef Jenn’ McCullough serves up her story of small-business success
By Don Wade – Memphis Daily News ( Images: Memphis News/Andrew J. Breig

If you’re shopping at Kroger or Wal-Mart, you might see Chef Jenn. She won’t […]

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